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Information on the village of Stichill, near Kelso in Scotland.

The Stichill Millennium Project

The Millennium Project started at the beginning of 1999, with a group of people who were interested in Stichill and were looking for a way to mark the Millennium.
Starting with monthly meetings throughout 1000, it was decided that the best thing the group could do was to try to record and preserve the local history, as so much of it disappears when those who hold it leave the area or pass away. Once gone it can never be recovered.
Working throughout 2000, with the final meeting in November 2000, the group have produced a total of 23 booklets, recording items of particular interest to members of the Group. These booklets were published as a package. [Some of these booklets are, at present being emended for use on this web site. See linked items.] The total list of booklet titles is:

  • Renovating of Stichel Parish Church in 1906
    (The face of the kirk changed in 1906 both outside and inside - a chancel being added and a new interior roof)

  • Elders of Stichel, Hume and Nenthorn Parish Church 1834 - 2000
    (A list of elders, where they came from, how long they were elders. Also a list of Ministers)

  • Queen Mary's Royal Horse Farm 1561 - 1567
    (About the Queen's return to Scotland from France and her horses. Story comes to light because of the 'Depo' family)

  • Opening of the Telegraph Office, Post Office and Row of Cottages
    (Photographs of the opening etc)

  • Two pre-Christian Cists (graves) found in 1894
    (Map and Description of the two cists found)

  • Stichill Parish Church Communion Tokens 1777
    (Pictures of Communion tokens used in the area and also a description and explanation of the Stichill token of 1777)

  • The Stichill Collar and Armlets
    (Found while digging a well in 1747, there is a picture of the collar and armlet along with a description)

  • Lillie Langtry 1853 - 1929
    (A story of her life as it intermingled with George Baird of Stichill House)

  • Rev George Gunn, Minister of Stichill and Hume 1878 - 1900
    ( A version of the story of his life and death and his time in Stichill)

  • Elders of the "Associate Church of Stichel" from 1755 to 1938
    (Notes from the session books on all the elders and ministers in the history of the "Free Church")

  • Names of the male heads of family who took part in Communion in 1834
    (A booklet listing the names of the heads of families who took part in Communion at Stichel Parish Church in the year 1834)

  • A Walk in the Past
    (A map of the old Stichill House estate and distances for you to walk around and see the ruins of what once was!)

  • Property and People of Stichill in the Year 2000
    (A map and list of houses and the families at the start of the year 2000)

  • Stichill School
    (Excerpts from the school log a) 1875 - 1900 and b) 1900 - 1921)

  • Life on the Farm
    (An account of life on Baillieknowe and Newtonlees Farms 1966 - 1969)

  • Memories of John Hardie
    (Johnny tells stories of his time at Stichill)

  • Stichill School
    (Excerpts from the school log 1922 - 1937 and 1938 - 1951)

  • Fact or Fiction?
    (Work out for yourself if these old stories, collected locally, are fact or fiction)

  • Stories from the Mansion House
    (Told by people who lived and worked in the house)

  • The Police and the Police Station at Stichill
    (An account of the time when Stichill had its own Police Officer)

  • Property and People of Stichill in the year 1980
    ( A map and list of houses and the families who lived there in 1980)

  • Stichill - a History in the Making
    (How these booklets were compiled, and a list of further reading)

  • Stichill School - the final years

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