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Information on the village of Stichill, near Kelso in Scotland.

The Parish of Nenthorn

The earliest records of Nenthorn are when, with Newton, the land was in the keeping of the De Morvilles in the 12th century.
The chapels of Nenthorn, Newton and Stichill were dependents of Ednam Church and are recorded as such in 1105, when they were granted to the Priory of Coldingham. In 1316, the church of Nenthorn and the chapel of Newton were granted to Kelso Abbey. Until the Reformation, Nenthorn had a chaplain and belonged to Kelso Abbey.

Nenthorn Spittal is recorded as one of the places laid waste by the English in 1542, but its whereabouts are unknown.

The Old Church at Nenthorn was abandoned in 1802, but the graveyard continued in use until about 60 years ago. Little remains of the building, and it would appear that graves have been dug into what was the area covered by the old church. The oldest gravestone seems to be dated 1606.

The old villages of Nenthorn and Newton have disappeared, probably having been demolished because of their proximity to the mansions, Nenthorn House and Newton Don House. This practice was fashionable in the late 18th century, when landowners were intent on extending and upgrading their houses, with landscaping of the grounds being all the rage.

A new church for the parish was built in 1802, with two galleries - one for the laird of Nenthorn and the other for the laird of Newton Don. This building was closed in 1972, after which it was converted into a house.

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