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Information on the village of Stichill, near Kelso in Scotland.

The Parish Church Of Stitchel And Hume
The Renovation Of 1906

The New Pulpit

The Parish Church is one of a type common in the 18th century, having been built in 1770, with some reconstruction in 1869.

The pulpit was placed in the centre of the south wall with galleries at each end of the church, the area being occupied by table seats and pews. The worshippers were uncomfortably seated, many of them presenting their backs to the minister. There was no accommodation for a choir or for the fitting celebration of the Lord's Supper.

A musty odour pervaded the building arising from the defective ventilation and the floor being laid upon the ground. The necessity of re-colouring the walls having arisen, the opportunity was taken to make structural and other alterations, with the object of beautifying the interior and of rendering it better adapted for the seemly worship of God.

The New Communion Table

Plans were prepared by James P Alison, Architect, of Hawick, and these having been approved by the Heritors, the church was closed on April 9th 1906 and the following alterations were effected:
The doors under the east and west windows in the south wall were replaced by a new doorway with an inner porch at the East End. The windows were made of a uniform height, the stonework intersecting those in the north wall being removed, while all were fitted with a new framework.
In the interior, the gallery at the West End was taken down, making way for a chancel formed out of the old vestry, with a new vestry being built to the north.
The woodwork was entirely renewed, ventilation being introduced under the floor and in the roof.
The plaster ceiling was removed and the roof lined with wood to the apex, the rough wood principals being covered with moulded woodwork in keeping with the general style of the church.
An oak pulpit and Communion Table, lamps and other necessary fittings and furnishings, completed the scheme of renovations.

Rev J L Tulloch

The church was re-opened on Thursday November 9th 1906 by the Rev J Gordon Napier, Kelso Presbytery Moderatror; Rev John Burleigh, Presbytery Clerk; Rev Thomas MacReady Napier, Stitchel UF Church who conducted the service, the Sermon being preached by Rev Thomas Martin of Barony Parish, Glasgow. Rev John L Tulloch pronounced the Benediction. Mr Tulloch reported that the total cost of the renovation, exclusive of the adornment of the principals in the roof, amounted to 544.12s.6d. With 594.10s.9d. having been raised for the project, there remained a balance of 49.18s.3d.

The Session of Stichill Parish Church put on record the deep sense of gratitude to all who had so generously contributed to the renovation of the church, and especially the recognition of the indefatigable labours of Mr Tulloch, their Minister, by whom the scheme was originated, and the very valuable assistance given by Mr Deuchar, including the ornamentation of the roof, executed at his sole expense.

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