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Information on the village of Stichill, near Kelso in Scotland.

Update on Fact or Fiction

The following has been received from Walter Blake life-long resident of the Parish. It may update or correct information already on the site.

May I correct the article regarding the `Wells` referred to in`Fact or Fiction'. The well in the `cowfield` was Bel Donaldson`s Well and the well near the site of the Village Hall was Ellen Renwick`s Well, although my grandfather pronounced her name (Eelen).

Bob Trotter kept his threshing mills and one of the first combines in the area (a Massey 21) in his yard adjacent to what is now a play area by the Village Hall. The last resident at the mill house by The Linn was a retired joiner, Mr Black. His first name, I am afraid escapes me.

The portrait of young Squire Baird was recently spotted in the back ground of a television antique show, - not the 'Antiques Road Show`. I have made some enquiries but with no success to date. I believe the programme was recorded in Chester.

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